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Huesca-Bolea-Aniés and Virgin of la Peña -Loarre- Loarre-Sarsamarcuello-Castle (Linás de Marcuello)-Ayerbe- Virgin of Casbas-( San Mitiel and Artasona Castles)-Huesca.

Landscapes full of nature, history and art.

Land where the visitor can admire the mountains of Loarre and Cavalier, vultures flying over the soaring formations of the Mallos de Riglos and the stones of the Collegiate Church of Bolea, the Castles of Loarre and Sarsamarcuello, or the Palace of the Marquises of Ayerbe.

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Huesca-hermitage of los Dolores de Monflorite-Albero Alto, with church, well and castle of Corvinos-Novales-Piracés-Sesa-Tramaced-Pertusa-Antillón, with ruins and well-Bespén-Blecua-Huesca.

Flat territory of Huesca formed between the lands of the Somontano and the Monegros. A world plains of cereal combining the holms with the low mountain thyme, rosemary and gorses.

Romans, Muslims and Christians have left their trace in - roads, bridges, ditches, churches and hermitages - physical examples, and immaterial, especially in the wide toponymy, still existing today.

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Huesca-Montmesa- La Sotonera reservoir- Tormos Castle- Hermitage of los Agudos-Alcalá de Gurrea-Gurrea de Gállego-Almudévar-Huesca.

The site of the southwest region hosts a territory characterized by enormous cereal plains, mainly rain-fed and with a little bit of irrigation. Various wetlands settle in this geographical framework, such as the historic Castilla reservoir or the most recent construction of the Sotonera reservoir, which replaced the former Alboré reservoir. Wetlands in which we can observe a mosaic of species of birds. These natural excellences joined on this tour with interesting monumental examples, which speak of the Islamic domination, Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish, as well as a traditional architecture of the Somontano lands.

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