Sieso is one of those villages that surprise visitors upon arrival, its streets hiding much more than meets the eye.

The Parish Church of San Martin, a building so monumental that it takes your breath away, slowly starts to appear as you walk through the streets of Sieso. This Romanesque building (12th century) was reformed over the 16th and 18th centuries. It features a stunning gallery of arches and a semicircular arch vault, framed by Plateresque columns that support an architrave that dates back to 1550.


A 16th-century Renaissance fountain, the Chapel of Nuestra Señora del Olivar, and the Chapel of San José are also nearby

Sieso is also known in the culinary world for its artisan cheese making.

The village is along the Valle de la Gloria mountain bike route, which reveals the hidden beauty of Sieso and the surrounding villages.

Its local festivals are celebrated in February in honor of St. Blaise, and in November in honor of St. Martin.

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