The rock-carved Chapel of San Cristobal is located in the same mountain range and can be reached from Aniés and Bolea. The village is also crossed by a range of different routes and trails: the trail to the Loarre castle, the third stage of the Hoya de Huesca nature trail, the trail to to Rasal...

The village celebrates its annual festivals on May 9th in honor of St. Gregory, on August 6th to celebrate St. Stephen, and participates in the special yearly pilgrimage to the Virgen de la Peña.

Gratal desde Bolea

Continue walking uphill and around the church to discover a viewpoint at the top of the hill. There was almost certainly once an old fortress during the Middle Ages here that was used as a watchtower and for the defense of these mountains.

The village has a privately owned Ethnological Museum: Casa Santas.

Nearby is the Romanesque-style Chapel of the Virgen de Mueras, with capitals that feature zoomorphic elements, as well as the trail that leads to the Chapel of San Cristóbal.

Bolea, a special stopping point along the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), is known as a cherry-growing area, and its fair is held in mid-June.

The village celebrates its annual festivals on January 20th in honor of St. Sebastian, and on August 24th to celebrate St. Bartholomew.

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