Guided hikes to explore our natural surroundings (SERVICE OFFERED IN ENGLISH)

Hoya de Huesca, located in a region where the mountains meet the plains, once served as the border between the two dominant Hispanic cultures during medieval times. The "Natural Meeting Points" program makes it possible to get a better understanding of this Pre-Pyrenees region in Aragón through hikes guided by a specialized instructor along trails through our natural surroundings. This program of environmental interpretation guided hikes is designed for families and the general public and consists of easy hikes along low-difficultly trails; the goal is to have a good time exploring and learning about the region's natural environment and heritage on a stroll through nature (in small groups).

This program, created for discovering the natural contrasts in Hoya de Huesca at different seasons of the year, usually runs between the months of May and October. For the first time, the 2018 Guided Tours and Eco-Tourism brochure will include three programs: Natural Meeting Points, Geological Train, and Villages Unveiled.

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A region, four spaces of contrast

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