The city of Huesca and its district, with over 47,000 inhabitants, 480 metres above sea level, has its boundaries in the pre-Pyrenees ranges of Gratal, Gabardiella and Guara in the north, and in the Tardienta and Grañén plains in the south. This means that the countryside close to the city is varied, guaranteeing tranquillity and rest but also offering the services you can find in a city.

One of its main attractions is the capital’s cultural heritage, in particular the Cathedral, the church of San Pedro el Viejo and the Huesca Museum. In the city, there is also lively commercial and business activity with a new Congress Hall and shopping malls. In this quarter you will find the Interpretation Centre for fans and shoes, in the Mediaeval Alerre tower, the Montearagón and Monflorite Castles and the spectacular geological area, the Salto de Roldán.