The views over the synclines and the town houses are impressive and unique. They can be seen from several places in the territory. Some of them, such as sundown from Murillo, or the more extensive view from the Eagle Look-out, afford a beautiful scene.

These vertical walls, rising to 300 metres in height, close to the village and the Gállego river, are limestone conglomerates formed in the Tertiary era. Later on they were eroded by water, rain and wind to form the walls you can see today; these are reddish in colour because of the iron minerals and clay they contain and are quite spectacular at sundown. The Riglos Synclines include the following crags: the Puro, Pisón, Visera and Firé.

Riglos and its ridged cliff formations are a paradise for climbers. They are internationally famous amongst climbing enthusiasts. They are also a paradise for birds of prey who nest and breed in the many hollows in the ridges. These birds, mainly protected birds of prey, can be seen flying over the territory.

To complete your visit, go to the Bird of Prey Interpretation Centre in Riglos, ARCAZ, where you will find ample information on the Griffon vulture.