This Museum was founded in 1873 thanks to Don Valentín Carderera.  Since 1968 it has been part of the ancient Sertoriana University.  This Baroque building is octagonal in shape and was erected in the XVII century as the headquarters of what was then the Huesca University, next to buildings belonging to the ancient Mediaeval Palace of the Aragon Kings.  It conserves archaeological and fine arts samples from all parts of the province.  Its strange octagonal shape around an interior patio with porticos includes four Archaeology halls, with a clearly didactic approach in their exhibits, and four spaces for Fine Arts.  The outer buildings of the ancient Royal Palace hold temporary exhibitions.  The so-called Bell Room is of particular note;  it was supposedly the scene of the tragic outcome of the Huesca Bell Legend in Mediaeval times.  The Archaeology section contains findings from periods comprising pre-historical to Mediaeval eras, and the Fine Arts section offers a famous collection of pictorical works from between the XV and XX centuries, the most outstanding being the Gothic painting, “The Bordeaux Bulls”, one of Goya’s works, as well as the entire output of Ramón Acín.

Visits: Tuesday to Saturday: 10-14 h./17-20 h. Sundays and Holidays: 10-14 h. Closed Monday
Price: free
Address: Plaza de la Universidad, 1. 22002 Huesca
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