The village of Tramaced is located in the southernmost area ​​of Hoya de Huesca, in the foothills of the mountain of the same name.

The hamlet is built around the Parish Church of San Miguel, a 16th-century Aragonese Gothic building.


Traces of defensive buildings and structures dot these border lands, and Tramaced is home to what are likely the ruins of a former castle.

Nearby is the Chapel of the Virgen del Puyal, which has a necropolis of tombs excavated in sandstone, similar to others found throughout the area.

Its natural heritage combines the ritual and ornithological. On the one hand is a “fertilizing stone” called Peña Lucia, an interesting rock formation associated with female fertility; it's "Peña Lucía. And on the other, the steppe escarpments that make this area a Zone of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA), along with the village of Piracés.

Tramaced celebrates its annual festivals on February 10th in honor of Our Lady of Puyal, and on September 8th in honor of the Nativity of Mary.