Ceiling of the pre-Pyrenees

The Tozal is the highest summit in the Guara range and in the whole of the pre-Pyrenees; it rises to 2,077 metres. It is known as the Tozal or the Puntón de Guara.

Surrounded by several limestone peaks, mountaineers climb it the whole year round. You can reach its majestic summit allowing approximately 4 hours for the ascent and 3 for the descent, either on the northern face (from the Nocito Valley) or on the southern face (from Tejería-Fabana or Santa Cilia de Panzano). You will have an exceptional look-out from there to admire the Pyrenees mountains, the Iberian hills and the impressive plains of La Hoya de Huesca which slope downwards to the Ebro Valley.

The contrasting relief in this Park means that the flora there is varied. On the northern slopes there are gall oaks, wild pines, black pines and small beech woods; on the southern slopes the main vegetation is Mediterranean - the holm oak and wild pine. There are masses of boxwood and thorn thickets everywhere in this natural park.



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