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Heritage of Cultural Interest.

This superb temple is located at the top of the village of Bolea (Herrerías street), perfectly dominating the plain of La Sotonera (South) and the Caballera mountain range (North). This stunning construction was built during the transition between the Gothic to the Renaissance in the 16th century. Without a doubt, the gem of this building is the majestic polychrome Main Altarpiece, made between 1490 and 1503 by the Master of Bolea. It consists of 20 tempera painted boards and 57 polychrome wooden carvings.

People with reduced mobility can drive to the entrance to the temple using an auxiliary path that leads to the church. From here the 50m path travels along flat, uniform stone pavement. The church is accessed through a 1m folding ramp, which requires assistance from another person. Inside the building, the itinerary around the altarpiece and the lateral chapels is flat and even, with 0% inclination.

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