The Riglos Synclines are widely known by all amateur climbers. There is no doubt that this place is ideal for climbing because of its vertical conglomerate walls over 300 metres high, whose main feature are the “boulders” or the rolling stones.

The different sections for climbing in Riglos are: the Firé, the Summer Circus, the Pisón, the Puro, the Macizo de Pisón, the Volaos, the Knife, the Melchor Frechín, the Cap, the small synclines and the Riglos Boulders. There are some 200 paths between 200 and 300 metres, except the bordering paths and the small synclines which are barely over 100 m. The access to the climbing area in any of these sections is the village of Riglos.

Take advice from professionals to enjoy this activity and contact active tourism companies in the region.