The best conserved Romanesque castle in Europe

This majestic fortress in the vicinity of Loarre, 1,071 metres high and only 30 km from Huesca, is considered to be Europe’s best-conserved Romanesque castle. It sits on a rocky ridge and includes several buildings that are mostly well-conserved. Amongst these you can see the walls and towers, the fortress, the homage tower and the queen’s look-out (with splendid views over the mountain range and the plains at the foot of the hills). You can also see other religious buildings, for example, the church and the crypt.


Erected in the XI century it was highly important to King Sancho III the Elder in the Christian Reconquest from the Moslems of this Flat Land or Plain (hence the name Plana de Uesca). During the High Middle Ages the Loarre castle and the nearby Marcuello castle were both strategically significant in the Aragonese defence system, faced as they were with the iron strength of the Moslems in Bolea.

Its beauty, uniqueness, its excellent state of conservation and enviable position has, on numerous occasions, made it a scenic choice for films and documentaries, some of them known world-wide such as “Kingdom of Heaven” directed by Ridley Scott.


Data of Interest

Contact Phone: 974 34 21 61

Telephone you reserve: 690 636 080

Fax: 974 382 639




WINTER (November 1 to February 28): 11.00 -17.30h.

SPRING - AUTUMN (March 1 to June 15, September 15 to October 31): 10.00-14.00 h. // 16.00-19.00h.

SUMMER(June 16 to September 15): 10.00 – 14.00 // 16.00-20h.

PRICE: General, 2,5 € // Guided visit 4 €. – See reductions


There is a Reception Centre for visitors with a coffee bar, a souvenir shop and tourist information.  The audiovisual documentary about the castle and its era helps the visitor to understand the strategic role it played in the advance of the Kingdom of Aragon towards the south.