Robust fortification of the eleventh century that served to reconquer the Muslim plaza of Huesca in 1096. Sancho Ramírez ordered the construction of the Castle-Abbey, to guarantee the siege of the city, beginning the construction of the church in 1093, and founding a monastery by moving from the community of clerics of Loarre. The abbey of Montearagón had great power throughout the Middle and Modern Ages, with influence over a vast radius. The walled perimeter is hexagonal, irregular, with the church attached and forming part of the wall.

From the splendor of this castle-abbey are samples in Huesca, namely the Main Altarpiece, in the Diocesan Museum, and the tomb of King Alfonso I the Battler, in the cloister of San Pedro el Viejo


From June to October 2018, guided visits within the program "Open Doors": from 10:00 to 14:00. (June to mid July, weekends. From mid July to mid September, from Tuesday to Sunday -Monday closed-. From mid September to end September, weekends. Price: 2€.  

Rest of the year, make an appointment with the town hall, tel. 974 246419 or [email protected]