Prepirineo Clandestino is the latest and most innovative product of Prepyr365, collaboration project between three regions of the Prepirineo Aragonés and the association of tourist entrepreneurs Prepyr.

It consists of eleven different cultural routes, following a line of argument that invites you to travel our heritage deducing clues to find treasures hidden by the Prepirineo Aragonés, encompassing not only the Hoya de Huesca but also the neighbouring districts of Somontano de Barbastro and Cinco Villas.

Its main route, "The Treasure of Al Muqtadir", crosses the entire territory, from Barbastro to Sos del Rey Católico, passing by Alquézar, Huesca, Lorre and Uncastillo, in search of a treasure lost in the Middle Ages, accompanying different Aragonese queens over the centuries.

To this route of several days are added another ten, shorter and each following a different theme and with the same dynamic of game of Geocaching: "Gigantes de piedra", "Ramón y Cajal", "Secrets de Guara", "Huellas de la guerra", "Land of Reconquest", "Imperial Rome", "Medieval Lands", "Sepharad", "Mysteries of Prehistory" and "Offices and traditions".

A different way to make cultural tourism in a dynamic, enjoyable, detective and collaborative way.

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