Due to the specific terrain in this Park, one of its main attractions are its canyons and gullies. Water has been responsible for forming the extraordinary gullies in the Flumen, Guatizalema, Calcón, Formiga rivers. There you will be able to climb the ravines which have varying degrees of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult).

Some of these gorges (all appropriate for descent) are very well-known. There are the Palomeras del Flumen, between the San Miguel and Amán Crags, at the Cienfuens Dam; Lenases, Carruaca Straits (to the east), Las Gorgas (on top of the Salto del Roldán in a pretty valley) and Cabecera de San Martín de la Val d’Onsera. In the basin of the Guatizalema river, near Vadiello, you will find the following gorges: La Canaleta, the Reina Caves, A Foratata, San Chinés, Las Lazas (highly technical and more in line with mountaineering than with gorge-descent), Escomentué (in the Ligüerri Synclines, the best in this river basin), and the Palomo Canal (deep straits and pools). There are really plenty of opportunities for working off your adrenalin.

Before starting out, consult all the information on the rules, permits and areas for gorge- descent. This sport is regulated to respect the season when the birds nest and breed. The active tourism companies at La Hoya de Huesca are there to offer you advice and help concerning this activity. We recommend that you go with expert guides.


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