These stone monoliths rise majestically close to the town of Agüero and they give the place its identity.

These ridges are formed by conglomerates that originated in the accumulation of solid particles from the destruction of some of the Pyrenees peaks; the Gállego river deposited these at the foot of the mountain, thus forming a large refuse cone. The way they look today is because of erosion. Their shape and height make them an ideal place for climbing and other sports, as well as for the observation of bird colonies nesting in these surroundings.

Amongst these formations, the Sola Crag monolith, created by the fracture of a large mass of rock, rises to 200 metres on its west slope. If you wish to climb the Sola Crag there are several ways. The ridges are not too high, but they are perhaps not sufficiently close together for this sport.