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This interpretation centre spreads out over more than 700 m2 and provides information on the most unique birds from the area of Reino de los Mallos and the region of La Hoya de Huesca. The centre or museum offers specific data on one of the most populated and important vulture colonies in Europe.

Arcaz has bird-watching activities for adults and kids.

The centre spreads out over three floors that accommodate different rooms and a large hall with a representation of the Mallos de Riglos (Riglos Cliffs). There is a glazed view area at the top of the building where visitors can contemplate the cliffs, alongside an auditorium and a vulture observation room with three monitors that stream live images from two video cameras located by the vulture nests in an area called Arcaz.

** For reasons beyond our control, the Arcaz Center will remain closed  during this season, until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.**

Tel. 974 561 910



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