This small village’s natural surroundings –the Salto de Roldán, a spectacular rock formation, can be seen from here– make San Julián de Banzo an incomparable location.

The urban center is nestled between the slopes of a ravine, thus dividing San Julián into to small neighborhoods: Yuso and Suso.

The 18th-century parish is the tallest building in this traditional hamlet and features traces from the Romanesque period.

San Julián parroquial

A number of springs are born from between the walls of the ravine and help supply water to the city of Huesca.

One of the gems of the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park is the walk to the San Martín de la Val d’Onsera ravine; a rock chapel of the same name is tucked among the rugged walls, providing a spectacular location and view.

San Julián de Banzo celebrates its major festival in honor of the Three Kings on January 6th, and its minor festival at Pentecost; the village also joins the most important pilgrimages in the area: to Virgen del Viñedo and San Martín de la Val d'Onsera.