This hamlet in the Murillo de Gállego municipality is located on the left bank of the river of the same name, with the incomparable Mallos de Riglos in the background and next to a forest of centuries-old oaks.

Built on both sides of a street that slopes down from the main road, Concilio is home to the Chapel of Santa María (also known as the Chapel of the Virgen de Concilio), which sits on a hill and was declared a National Monument in 1931. This Romanesque-style building features a semicircular apse with a quarter-sphere vaulted ceiling. However, traces of the Gothic period can be found inside: the nave is topped by a wooden frame resting on pointed arches. Next to the temple is a hayloft, known as the “Pajar de Chorra”, which has a Mozarabic arch between its walls, the only remnant of an ancient Visigoth monastery that mysteriously caught fire in 1215.