This small village on the Huescan plain stands out above all for the conservation of a first-rate artistic historical gem: the Chapel of Santa María del Monte.


What makes this chapel so attractive is first its location, on a hill a kilometer from Liesa, an area of great natural and scenic value. Secondly, and typical for the region, the chapel features Romanesque architecture and elements. And thirdly, its interior: Linear Gothic paintings decorate all walls, depicting the martyrdom of St. Valerius, St. Vicente, and St. Catherine. The entire complex was declared a National Monument in 1931.

Liesa’s Parish Church of San Pedro is found at the center of the village, which features several important houses like the “Casa Launa” (1795) and 18th-century “Casa Marqués”.

A Hispanic-Visigoth site is located nearby.

Liesa celebrates its annual festivals on January 18th in honor of St. Sebastian, and on May 15th.