La Hoya de Huesca is one of those locations, and already in past times it carried out that magical process that transform grapes into wine. The region's wine past lives on in our memory, and at present that ancient trade has spread throughout the vineyards in these lands. It is now stronger than ever.

At present there are eight active wineries in the territory, all of which are relatively new. In little over a decade, these establishments have positioned Wine from the Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas as a delicacy that arouses interest and admiration in equal proportions.

Part of La Hoya de Huesca is enclosed within the limits of one of these six wine-making locations of the Vino de la Tierra from Aragon: the Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas. As regards the Laurentine territory, this protected area encompasses the municipalities of Agüero, Alcalá de Gurrea, Almudévar, Ayerbe, Biscarrués, Gurrea de Gállego, La Sotonera, Loarre, Loscorrales and Lupiñén-Ortilla. Although not all grow grapes and produce wine, Murillo de Gállego, Ayerbe, Morán and Almudévar do produce excellent wine.

All the wineries in the territory offer a varied catalogue, including traditional stocks like Macabeo and Grenache Blanca –white grapes– and Moristel, Tempranillo, Mazuela and Grenache –red grapes– and other French varieties: Viognier (white) and Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah (red). Using the heritage of these smallish, well-managed vineyards, these famed wineries produce wines ranging from fresh, youthful whites to sweet, aromatic rosés. The region offers a host of red wines, older or younger, more or less intense, and even a few rarities which are hard to find in Aragon.

The southernmost winery in La Hoya de Huesca is called Bodega Virgen de la Corona and located in Almudévar. It was created in 2005 after the first harvest. The company focuses on the Grenache variety and produces three wines under the generic brand of Aixena. Of the four wine producing companies, Almudévar's is located outside the circle of the Reino de los Mallos, whilst the others are all close to each other. All verge on the waters of river Gállego.

Bodegas y Viñedos Edra, located near the town centre of Ayerbe, is a pioneer in these lands. It was established in 1999 after the vineyard was planted, embarked on the construction of the winery in 2004, and saw its efforts realised two years later when it marketed modern, structured wines with a strong personality.

The history of grapes and vineyards leads on to Pegalaz, a modern winery located in Morán in a building looking out over the Mallos de Riglos. In fact, they named their brand after one of the huge rocks: Firé.


Bodegas y Viñedos Reino de los Mallos

Ctra. A-132, km 37,2. 22808. Murillo de Gállego (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 383 015. | [email protected] 

Edra Bodegas y Viñedos, S.L.

Ctra. A-132, km 26. 22800. Ayerbe (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 380 233. | [email protected] 

Bodega Pegalaz, S.L.

Ctra. A-1202, km 7. Desvío ermita Santa Quitera. 22806. Santa Eulalia de Gállego (Zaragoza). | Tel.: 625 643 440 

Bodega Lasierra, S.L.

Baja, 12. 22133. Bespén (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 260 365/652 791 187. | [email protected] 

Bodega Bespén Vinos, S.L.

Baja, 4. 22133. Bespén (Huesca). | Tel.: 646 779 926. | [email protected]


Bodegas Valdovinos, S.L.

Camino de la Almunia, s/n. 22133. Antillón (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 260 437/974 260 147. | [email protected] 

Bodega Aixena

Cooperativa Virgen de la Corona. Avda. del Cooperativista Samper, s/n. 22270. Almudévar. (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 250 000 | [email protected] 

Bodegas Roico

Calle Pena 11. Lupiñén. (Huesca). | Tel.: 974 270 151

** Along this same line, Almudévar has a thematic wine museum: “El Bodegón”
 Almudévar. Tel. 974 250 002