The village of La Peña is located 39 kilometers from Huesca, the region’s capital.

This quaint hamlet is found on the other side of an iron bridge that spans La Peña reservoir.

The houses were built in the early 20th century with the passing of the Canfranero railway line and the construction of the reservoir to regulate the waters of the Gállego River.

The Parish Church of the Virgen de la Peña was constructed more recently (20th century), the original church now covered by the reservoir.


La Peña


Traces of the Cacabiello castle remain on the limestone ridge that towers over the road near the village.

Another point of interest is the millennium-old bridge, most likely Roman and repaired in the Middle Ages, which is now under water under the iron bridge.

Stunning and naturally rich landscapes are found nearby, including the visually spectacular Foz de Escalete, also home to prehistoric burial caves.