The region offers multiple leisure options for kids: hiking, tree watching, water activities... For family-friendly activities, head to the La Sotonera reservoir –calm waters– and river Gállego –white water–, where several companies offer rafting down the section between Murillo de Gállego and the Santa Eulalia bridge on a pneumatic raft. Children must be over 8 years old to participate. An aquatic-pedestrian outing in the heart of the Parque Natural de Sierra y Cañones de Guara (Sierra and Guara Canyons Nature Park) is also highly recommended. Departing from a pretty little village called Nocito, the track sign-posted as S-8 leads the young adventurers into the La Pillera ravine, a first-class forest set at the foot of a pre-Pyrenean giant, Tozal de Guara (2077 m). The route crosses the stream in the ravine several times, so make sure you wear shoes that can get wet! The natural pools in La Pillera are the perfect place for a swim in hot weather.