Two appointments you should not miss:

Bolea and the Cherry Fair

Bolea and the crop area creates one of the most stunning ephemeral spring spectacles in La Hoya de Huesca in late May and early June. This stunning sight occurs when the 60 ha. of cherry trees are in full bloom and covered in white flowers. The region can account for around 400,000 kilos of cherries a year and the Cherry Fair takes place in the midst of the harvesting of the different varies. On the Sunday closest to June 13, Bolea's Plaza Mayor (main square) is packed with stalls selling over 30 cherry varieties. The most acclaimed variety is called “garrafal de Monzón” or “garrafal de Napoleón.” Travellers who time their visit to coincide with this fair should also know that this type of cherries are also known in the region under the name “morrovaca.”


Ayerbe Mycology Fair

Aragon is known for its wild mushrooms, and La Hoya de Huesca contributes more than just a pinch. Given the abundance of wild mushrooms in certain areas in Ayerbe, in 1990 the village inaugurated what would become one of the most prestigious fairs devoted to this delicacy in the whole of the region.

The fair is staged during the last week of October –it appears on Aragon's official fair calendar–, and hosts exhibitions of over one hundred species classified by expert mycologists from the region. Furthermore, during those three days, the Fair also includes an intense programme of activities with outings, conferences and round tables, cookery courses, tasting and a host of other options.