Enjoy its rough turbulent waters

The Gállego is one of the large water courses in the mid-basin of the Ebro river, with 215 km. to its mouth. The strange name of this river derives from the original Latin, the Galia, the Gallicus, the Gállego. Hence the name La Galliguera, the area traversed by its middle course.

The Gállego river is internationally famous for practising rafting on its turbulent waters, in particular the parts in La Hoya de Huesca.

The Gállego river runs through the towns of Murillo de Gállego and Santa Eulalia de Gállego. The most popular part is between the Carcavilla hydroelectric station and Murillo. It is easily accessible. Its best-known rapids are the “Paso de las Olas” (the passage of the waves), and they are the first ones you come to. Afterwards you will reach the “Embudo” (bottleneck), which is slightly more difficult. Then come the “Las Gradas” rapids, followed by the “S” curve and “Las ramas” (the branches), very easy, and the “Presa rota” (broken dam wall). After all this you reach the calmer waters of the river.

The sector between Murillo and Santa Eulalia is the most suitable for schoolchildren and families. The most turbulent rapids are “La Lavadora” (the washing machine); they have several waves and a leap at the end.

No particular physical training is necessary if you want to do rafting on these rapids. However, it is advisable to have a guide in the boat and also minimal equipment of neoprene suits and helmets. We advise you to contact professional active tourism companies for this.



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