San Felices is a small but charming village about five kilometers from the seat of the municipality to which it belongs, Agüero.

It is accessed by a road in good condition and greets visitors with a postcard-perfect view of its Church of San Estaban, a Romanesque built that underwent several reforms in the 17th century.

The houses hug a promontory over the Artaso ravine and are surrounded by lush strawberry trees, a treat for hikers and anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

The nearby location of villages like Fuencaldearenas leads to the conclusion that San Felices was once part of a natural path that ran through Murillo de Gállego – Agüero – San Felices – Liso, and Biel, up to Sos del Rey Católico near Navarre. All are highly strategic points that likely once had castles and watchtowers. The trail is letter popular now, although it is used by mountain bikers.

Several charming sights are nearby: the Chapel of San Esteban, also in the Agüero municipality, and to the waterfall of San Felices, just 10 minutes away.