Rasal is located between the Javierre and Caballera mountains, above the valley through which the Garona River flows until it meets the Gállego River.

The hamlet features buildings with slate roofs and “chamineras”, or chimneys, truncated cones topped with an “espantabrujas”, a traditional way of protecting homes from evil spirits.

The 18th-century Parish Church of San Vicente safeguards a Romanesque carved seated Virgin Mora (12th century), which was originally located in the Chapel of the Virgen de los Rios, today in ruins.


Rasal 003


Visitors can also see the 11th-century Chapel of San Juan Bautista, designed in the Mozarabic style typical of the churches in the Serrablo region, as well as the covachos, or lodgings, once inhabited by the Moorish queen known as "La Morgana."