Different spectacular places in the pre-Pyrenees.

Probably the easiest way to discover the natural enclaves is to follow the routes and pathways that cross them.

In La Hoya de Huesca the countryside is rich in geological formations hard to find in other parts of Spain. These formations are also places where a multitude of birds nest and circle the sky and you can sight these on the routes suggested.

There are several treks with different degrees of difficulty, where you can enjoy cultural and natural attractions, such as the Guara Natural Park and the Kingdom of the Synclines. On these walks you will see uniquely beautiful architectonic samples of the Romanesque style that are well- conserved, river courses that form spectacular canyons, etc. There are parts where you can relax in oak or pine woods, fields of almond trees or crops; others lead to privileged observation points of birds of prey or migrating birds.

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