The peaceful and charming village of Chimillas is located a few kilometers from Huesca.

Rising between the church and the square, the village is laid out in an irregular shape and features several small homes, like Casa Carolina (1778) with its Estaún-Panzano coat of arms, and Casa García with its Cebrián coat of arms.

Its Parish Church of San Jorge was built in the 17th century with a single nave and a vaulted lunette ceiling, while the side chapels have a barrel vault ceiling.

Parroquial Chimillas

Chimillas once belonged to the Sovereign Order of San Juan de Jerusalen.

Its history can be traced back to the period of Muslim rule in Hoya de Huesca, since its name means “the mosques”.

Tradition has also linked Chimillas with the "Siete Lugares (Seven Places)", that is, villages which swore their loyalty to the Chapel of Loreto in times past.

The village celebrates its annual festivals on April 23rd in honor of Aragón’s patron saint, St. George, as well as the first Sunday of October in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary.

For hikers, Chimillas is the perfect stop as part of a longer route that includes the village of Banastás and the Cortés pool, home to numerous waterfowl and wading birds.