Silhouettes in stone have been carved by unseen water and silent wind in an ancient and evocative landscape. Platforms, gullies and craggy stone outcrops daringly compete with the twilight.

Their eroded forms change with the perspective. Peña Mediodía is a geological fantasy with a life of its own, like many of the rock formations in the southern hills of Hoya de Huesca.

Peña Mediodía is an important sandstone outcrop measuring 80 metres in length and standing 25 metres tall. Given that it stands prominently over the village of Piracés, dominating a wide stretch of country, its strategic location was used by the Moors to erect a fortress in the area during the 9th and 10th centuries. It is worthwhile climbing to the top to observe their imprint and, naturally, to enjoy the incredible panorama.