La Hoya de Huesca introduces visitors to the history of art in just a few kilometres. It boasts some of the most beautiful and precious examples of Romanesque art in the whole of Aragon, such as the church of Santiago de Agüero, a monumental building, which is still unfinished, that showcases an array of mason’s marks and features unique sculptures: the façade displays a capital with a sinuous and acrobatic dancer and the tympanum depicts the Adoration of the Magi. Near Ibieca stands the chapel of San Miguel de Foces, built between the Romanesque and the Gothic periods. The construction houses the tombs of the Foces family, with walls decorated with Gothic paintings, a succession of images and scenes –akin to a comic strip–, with colourful figures. Lastly, Huesca accommodates the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza (Centre for Art and Nature, CDAN)- Fundación Beulas, an extraordinary contemporary art museum, which specialises in art, landscape and nature and regularly offers courses, educational workshops and activities for kids.