The village is located on a hill to the west of the Guatizalema River, in an area where a deep river bed is formed.

Like other village around Loporzano, Sipán also once belonged to the Montearagón Abbey.

The uneven terrain makes the village’s urban layout somewhat crooked, with the Parish Church of María Magdalena at one end of the main street; this simple 16th-century masonry building has a tower on the façade and half-point façade supported by slender posts.

Sipán 004

Nearby is the Chapel of Santa Lucía, a blend of construction stages from the 16th and 17th centuries; another landmark is the medieval pointed bridge that crosses the Guatizalema River.

Sipán celebrates its annual festivals on July 22nd in honor of St. Mary Magdalene, on December 13th in honor of St. Lucia, and on January 20th in honor of St. Fabian; it also joins neighboring villages on the pilgrimages to the Chapel of San Cosme and San Damián on May 9th, and to the Virgen del Viñedo on May 1st.