In these unique, particularly beautiful surroundings, with the Vadiello dam in the centre, you can appreciate the conglomerate rock formations, great isolated vertical ridged walls, known as the synclines. The ones in this place are the Ligüerri Synclines and they are dominated by the Mitra and Puro monoliths, as well as the Isarre Gorge with the San Chinés hermitage. Another of the symbolic crags in Vadiello is the “San Cosme Egg”. The list is long: the Potato, the Pepes, also known as the Aliana Synclines, Lazas, the Borón Crests, the San Jorge Peak, as well as the Escomentué, Diablo and Lazas gorges, and the Palomo Canal, where there a great many Griffon vultures.

The formations in these synclines are rounded and form an ideal rocky mass for climbing enthusiasts.

1. Mallos de Vadiello
2. Mallos y embalse de Vadiello