Many times, the small villages that you pass on the side of the road are home to more charms than might seem at first glance. That is the case with Albero Alto, which has an impressive parish church that dominates the surrounding landscape and features a slender tower that can be seen from all directions. The Church of the Natividad de Nuestra Señora is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is honored during the village festival on September 8th.  The village also celebrates St. Genesius, with a chapel dedicated to this saint a short, delightful hike from the village. The village celebrates its yearly festival on August 25th.

One of Albero Alto's most popular spots is the castle viewpoint. Next to the church, a rocky promontory that was likely a refuge and a fortress of Muslim origin provides clear views of the entire region, from the plains to the Sierra de Guara: Gratal, Salto de Roldán, Fragineto, Tozal...

Not far from the village are the settlements of Tozal del Lobo, which dates back to Iberian times and where 50 polished axes and nine anthropomorphic medieval tombs are carved in stone, and Portillo, from the Bronze Age.

Visitors can also enjoy the Fuente de los Moros, an L-shaped reservoir/fountain, the Corvinos Castle and Palace, from the 15th to 17th centuries, and one of the region's mountain-biking trails.