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The Salto de Roldán Space is not only a center of interpretation of nature, it is also a trip to the past within a privileged environment in which culture and traditions coexist in a mountain landscape.

The building, known for its architecture (García Mercadal Award) houses in its interior several exhibitions that bring us closer to the knowledge of the plants, customs and old trades that were developed in the nearby villages.

The exterior area surrounding the building stimulates the visitors' senses by strolling through the botanical garden with its sensory corridors of aromatic plants and its privileged views of the Hoya de Huesca and Sierra de Guara.

Also from this Space we propose an interpretative route that brings us to the town of Sabayés, on the tour we will pass through various humanized landscapes, orchards, fountains, cobbled roads preserved as hundreds of years ago until arriving to the town, which surprises us with its cellars, walls, arches and towers, typical of a defensive nucleus of the Middle Ages.

The Salto de Roldán Space is also a tourist information point where maps are offered and different routes are explained according to levels and themes. It is also "bike point" where tools are offered to clean, repair and inflate bicycles.

There is a sale of drinks and coffees and an outdoor terrace area.



April: from 13 to 23; 27 and 28). Weekends and holidays. (10 -14h. )

May: weekends. (10 - 14h)

June: weekends (1,2,8,9,15,16). School calendar from 21 to 30, Tuesday to Sunday. (10 - 14h)


July and August, from Tuesday to Sunday (11 - 14h and 16 - 19h).

September: from 1 to 8, Tuesday to Sunday (10 -14h) Rest of the month, weekends (same schedule).


October and November: weekends and holidays (10 - 14h).

December: weekends and school holidays (11 - 14h).


* January to Easter 2020: Closed