Located in a depression in Huesca’s Somontano region, Torres de Montes is built around the Parish Church of the Santos Reyes.

Visitors can see the Aísa Aqueduct, a work of hydraulic engineering composed by a pool that collects rain water paired with an aqueduct or canal that runs parallel to the road at a height of 2.5 meters, ending in several farms.

Another element of interest are the “eras”, spaces delimited by stone walls filled with either solid rock or caked earth. Each is owned by different houses farmhouses in the area. In centuries past, they were used to for threshing and then winnowing grain to filter out the chaff.


Crowning the mountain that towers over the village is the Chapel of Santa Ana, which, judging from the archaeological remains found in the vicinity, had been inhabited since the Middle Ages.

Also of interest: the trough, the Cubo-Lagar”, and the “O Lugar” fountain.

Nature lovers can find excellent places to swim on the Alcanadre River, in the direction of Barbastro, as well as natural elements of great anthropological value: the Mazú hole, a sandstone formation linked to ancient pagan fertility rites.

Torres de Montes holds several festivals over the year: St. Raphael is celebrated on October 24, and the “O viejo Remolón” festival is celebrated the weekend before Easter Week.