The hamlet is built on the edge of a deep ravine, the houses spreading out from around the church.


The Romanesque Parish Church of Santa Cecilia dates back to the late-12th to the early-13th century, although it is built on top of earlier foundations. It feature a single tower, damaged at the top, which was likely part of an earlier fortified building. Its medieval entrance, rebuilt in the 18th century, features animalistic details and signs engraved on its voussoirs, one of the most significant examples of glyptography in Europe.

Nearby, the Flumen Chibluco River is crossed by a small stone bridge, possibly of Roman origin.

The village celebrates its annual festivals on June 12th in honor of St. John of Sahagún; on November 22nd in honor of Santa Cecilia, and joins two of the most popular pilgrimages in the region: to the Chapel of the Virgen del Viñedo on May 1st, and to San Martín de la Val d'Onsera on the last Sunday of May.